Four of our nuns in Austria


It is a great pleasure that four very special nuns of our nunnery Nagi Gompa are visiting Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche's rural center Rangjung Yeshe Gomde in Upper Austria until the end of October. They accompany the rituals with their monastery instruments and offer interesting seminars - see



Ani Kunga Dölma, 49 years old, is the ritual master of the nunnery, a very important function. She entered the monastery at the age of 17. This was decided by the family, who had family ties to the convent, and she felt that this sort of life was, as she says, the most suitable for her.


Ani Tsogyal Sangmo, at the age of 51 the oldest of the four, was already 25 years old when she became a nun in Nagi Gompa. When her father died, one of her uncles, a student of the great old master Tulku Urgyen, the then head of the nunnery, recommended she should become a nun. Ani Tsogyal is a practical woman and a personality strong enough to undertake such challenging work as directing the construction of the new buildings of the monastery before and after the earthquake.


Ani Tashi Samten, 40, wanted to become a nun from childhood. When she was 17, she was able to persuade the family to let her go with her sister, who was already a nun in Nagi Gompa. Also Ani Tashi, also a assertive woman, acted as a foreman in the construction work.


All three nuns are very well educated and have completed the traditional "three year retreat", a particularly intense practice situation as a group in social isolation.



The youngest of the four nuns is Ani Lekshey, 27 years old. Like the others, she comes from an area near the Tibetan border, high up in the mountains, where the way of life is still traditionally Tibetan. Ani Lekshey's grandfather was a monk and wished that his intelligent granddaughter should receive a good education and then study in the monastery.


Having completed secondary school in Kathmandu and good command of English, Ani Lekshey, then 16 years old, entered the convent and is currently studying at the monastery university to obtain a "khenpo" – i.e. to become a professor in Buddhist studies.





After the earthquake much has changed at the nunnery Nagi Gompa



The many children from the destroyed villages are happy to be in school




Studies at school and higher studies now are the same for nuns as for monks





The monastic orchestra of the nuns is the same as of the monks




In the monastery of Nagi Gompa the young nuns begin to feel at home.







News from Dhola


Many friendly sponsors have supported the rebuilding of the village Dhola – this picture shows the progress made so far. Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, the head of our monasteries, wishes from his heart a swift completion of the villager’s homes.

Many thanks to all who provided their help.







Nunnery as childrens home


At Losar (Tibetan New year 2017) our nunnery Nagi Gompa admitted many young girls, earthquake victims from the mountains. We urgently need donations – best would be regular sponsorships. Only 25 € a month can help to provide shelter, food, clothing, medical care and school education. Details under “support”.







Kids before and after living in the monastery: